Nice Cafés in Prague

Looking for a place to stretch your legs and digest the many impressions collected while wandering around the streets of Prague? Dying for pastry other than Trdelník served in street stalls?

Prague has some really nice cafes, both old style and modern. Cakes, strudels and other sweets can be found everywhere and Prague made sure that I got my daily dose of apple strudel … here are some of my personal favorites which I visited during my recent trip to Prague:

The Grand Cafe Orient in Staré Mĕsto is roughly five walking minutes east of the Old Town Square, Staromestské námesti. The Café is on top of the Cubism Museum, the interior following the Cubism style. It serves nice pastry but also pancakes, sandwiches and the like.

Grand Cafe Orient, Prague


Cukrkávalimonáda is situated just a few walking minutes from the Charles Bridge in Malá Strana. The name of the place translates to “Sugar Coffee Lemonade” – They do not only serve a variety of cakes and lemonade (I really liked their elderberry lemonade with fresh mint leaves) but also nice pancakes, salads, pasta and other small dishes.

Restaurant Cafe Cukrkavalimonada in Prague, Czech Republic


The Café Savoy, also in Malá Strana, has a great atmosphere, and serves lovely cakes and strudels – prepared in their own Patisserie downstairs. The also serve full meals.

Cafe Savoy, Prague


What are your favorite places?

  1. The photos in this post are fantastic, I now want to visit Prague

    • Thanks Jo.
      Prague is definitely worth a visit. It has a great old town center, lovely renovated houses, nice cafes …

  2. Yes… amazing photos. Who wouldn’t want to visit now. I like your new space here.