Prague, Trdelník and Palačinky

A few weeks ago I visited the Golden City of Prague. An old, impressive city, a city I had already visited roughly 20 years ago in my early teens. I do not remember many sights from that first trip (apart from the artists’ stalls on Charles bridge, the jewish cemetery and some steep streets – funny what stays in your memory) but the city left an impression with me … and my distant memories did not disappoint me. I was – once again – amazed by the beauty of Prague. The city was hardly damaged during second world war and hence boosts an the incredible number of old buildings in the city center – most of them beautifully renovated.

In every place I visit I always have the urge to see it from above, so I will search for any elevation, be it a church tower, a high building or the top of a hill. In Prague my target was the astronomical clock tower right at the Old Town Center which gives a beautiful view over the red sea of Prague roofs.

The Hrad, the old Prague castle, sits well above the city. It does not only provide a nice view over Prague but is actually the biggest ancient castle in the world. It evolved continuously since its beginnings, showcasing a mixture of architectural styles. In its centre sits the impressive St. Vitus Cathedral which overtowers the entire castle.

The main attractions can be easily explored on foot – and Prague makes sure that you will be well fed along the way: beautiful cafes, hearty restaurants and sweets on the go lurk around every corner.

Taking about sweets: all I can say is Trdelník. This sweet pastry, originally from Slovakia, gets its shape from wrapping rolled dough around a stick. Rolled in  sugar and nuts the dough is then grilled over open fire until golden brown. Trdelník is served plain or filled with chocolate cream or jam … very sweet and you won’t be able to escape it (especially if you happen to visit Prague during one of the seasonal markets taking place on the Old Town Square).

… and then there are Palačinky – thin pancakes made from a simple dough of eggs, milk and flour. The dough itself is unsweetened but don’t worry, the pancake will be sweetened by the topping. Expect a sweet load of jam, chocolate, ice cream or similar as a filling in case you go for the sweet version … And then there is the savory version, topped with bacon, salmon, fresh spinach, cheese – you name it.

If you are now hungry for Palačinky as I was after returning from Prague, then stay tuned …