Time for a Dose of Summer: Peach-Lemon Balm-Popsicles

This weekend has been the fifth rainy weekend in a row. Time to mope? No, time for artificial summer feeling! Time for popsicles!

peach lemon balm popsicles

Ripe peaches, greek yogurt, some milk and lemon balm. Popsicle molds and wooden sticks. Sugar to your liking. And some patience while you wait. A simple recipe for your own little dose of summer.

Peach-greek yogurt-popsicle with lemon balm

Just in time for the start of another work week, summer returned to Switzerland today. Summer – or at least what we have been calling summer this year so far: 25 degrees and sun at last. Time for the real summer feeling! Time for popsicles!

Peach-greek yogurt-popsicle with lemon balm

And for the next batch of bad weather: A few more popsicles in the freezer make the summer come back in no time.

peach greek yogurt popsicles with lemon balm


Recipe makes approx. 750 ml which equals 8-12 popsicles, depending on size of molds.

3 peaches (150 g each)
180 g plain greek yogurt
180 ml milk
1 stem lemon balm
3 Tbsp. sugar

1) Carve peach-skin crosswise. Blanch them for about 30 seconds. Rinse in cold water and skin. Remove peach stones and cut peaches into pieces.
2) Remove leaves of lemon balm from stem and puree together with peaches, greek yogurt, milk and sugar.
3) Fill mass into popsicle molds and freeze for several hours (until completely frozen).
4) Before serving, immerse molds into hot water in order to remove mold from popsicle.

Pfirsich-Zitronenmelisse-Eis am Stiel

Rezept ergibt ca. 750 ml. Dies entspricht 8-12 Eis am Stiel, je nach Grösse der Form.

3 Pfirische (a 150 g)
180 g griechisches Joghurt
180 ml Milch
1 Stiel Zitronenmelisse
3 EL Zucker

1) Pfirsiche kreuzweise einritzen. In kochendem Wasser etwa eine halbe Minute blanchieren. Danach abschrecken und enthäuten. Die Pfirsiche entkernen und in Stücke schneiden.
2) Die Melisseblätter vom Stiel zupfen und mit Pfirsichen, griechischem Joghurt, Milch und Zucker pürieren.
3) Die Masse in Eisformen fuellen und mehrere Stunden einfrieren (bis komplett gefroren).
4) Vor dem Servieren die Formen kurz in heisses Wasser tauchen um die Form vom Eis am Stiel zu entfernen.

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  1. I love your homemade version of popsicle moulds! I may have to try that!