A Last Glimpse of Summer: Apricot-Yogurt-Popsicles

Apricot yogurt popsicles

How could that happen? We are already in the midst of September and summer is in its final throes. To me it feels as if summer just started but we are already approaching fall with huge steps. Where did the long summer nights go? Where did the apricots disappear to? What happened to the summer heat disappear? Ok, ok, I am not keen on the summer heat but the long warm summer evenings are more my type of thing …

apricot yogurt popsicles

This weekend, late summer is presenting itself in the best light here in the centre of Europe. Blue skies, not a single cloud blocking the sun, warm 24 degrees centigrade. Time for a deckchair, sunglasses and a cool popsicle.

Apricot yogurt popsicle

In this last glimpse of summer, I am sharing this simple sweet recipe. These apricot-yoghurt popsicles were cooling me through the few hot weeks this summer. And even though apricots are out of season again, try the recipe with peaches or berries.

apricot yogurt popsicles


(recipe makes about 1 liter which equals 10-15 popsicles, depending on size of mold)
6 apricots (75 g each)
500 ml plain yogurt
125 ml maple syrup

1) Remove stones of apricots, cut apricots in pieces.
2) Puree apricots, yogurt and maple syrup.
3) Fill mass into popsicle molds and freeze for several hours (until completely frozen).
4) Before serving, immerse molds into hot water in order to remove mold from popsicle.

Note: the apricots can be replaced by 450g of peaches or (rasp-)berries.

Marillen-Joghurt-Eis am Stiel


(Rezept ergibt ca. 1 Liter, dies entspricht 10-15 Eis am Stiel, je nach Grösse der Form):
6 Marillen (a 75 g)
500 ml Naturjoghurt
125 ml Ahornsirup

1) Marillen entkernen und in Stücke schneiden.
2) Marillen, Joghurt und Ahornsirup pürieren.
3) Die Masse in Eisformen füllen und einfrieren bis sie komplett gefroren ist.
4) Vor dem Servieren die Formen kurz in heisses Wasser tauchen, um das Eis aus der Form zu lösen.

Anmerkung: Die Marillen könnnen durch 450 g Pfirsiche oder (Him-)Beeren ersetzt werden.