Advent Calendar

Setting goals. Challenging oneself. The end of the year is approaching. No, not what you think. I am not referring to an early new year’s resolution, I am referring to the process of challenging oneself, on setting goals – anytime during the year, anytime in life. I am thinking about goals which – at the time of setting them – might seem a bit too ambitious. Such as the 365-days project I started beginning of 2011, one photo a day for an entire year. To commit to make one photo a day. My goal was to give my best and make room for photography every single day … and I wanted to immerse – among other “genres” – in food photography. Of course it was not always easy (sometimes I was running through the apartment at 11 pm searching for inspiration) but I finished the project and even better: I learned a lot. The next goal was to do a 52-weeks project in 2012 – now I was down to one photo a week for an entire year, based on a specific theme, a specific word each week. It seemed like an easy goal after a photo every day the year before, but after only 14 weeks I stopped it. I was lacking the commitment, I was always late and did not even manage to make the one photo a week. With my day job being much too busy at that time, it was time to stop for sanity reasons.
Christmas tree at Christmas market in Zurich central station

The signs have been there for a month now. We are approaching the advent season with huge steps. You cannot evade the heaps of Christmas cookies and holiday decorations in the supermarket. Let alone the stocked up baking supplies. Extra rows of all types of nuts. Edible Christmas presents placed in the aisles in a way that you cannot evade them. Decorated Christmas trees sprout out of nowhere all over the city. The first Christmas markets opened their doors. Advent wreaths make their appearance … And it is finally time to prepare for the advent season with advent calendars, the count down of the 24 days to Christmas in December. Some are made of cardboard, hiding a little drawing or a piece of chocolate behind each of the 24 doors, while others bring a little present. A little surprise every day to make this season even more special. The glow in the children’s (and also in the adults’) eyes is certain.

When my work load started to significantly come down to a more or less normal level in September, it was time to set new goals, time to challenge myself again – a challenge which definitely seemed toooooooo big for me this time again: after an average of not much more than 2 blog posts per month on strudel & cream over the last months, I challenged myself to my personal advent calendar, my personal count-down to Christmas, here on strudel & cream. Every day a little treat to make this time of the year even more special – I will share with you sweet Christmas recipes, edible Christmas gift ideas, ideas for a Christmas dinner and other simple recipes … stay tuned! I hope you will enjoy this Christmas journey as much as I do.

  1. I like your idea very much… I’ll be definitely popping over everyday to count down to Christmas with you:) (I’ll set my son as a personal reminder, he opens his Advents Calendar daily)