Advent Calendar Day 6 – St. Nicholas and mandarin-smoothie

I hope you were visited by St. Nicholas today instead of the Krampus yesterday. Are you wondering what to do with the many walnuts and mandarins he brought to you and not in the mood for baking today? I think I might have something for you. It is time for a winter-smoothie, a quick breakfast or snack in between.

Mandarin Smoothie with Walnuts, apricots and buttermilk
inspired by this recipe.

Ingredients (for 3 glasses):
400 ml buttermilk
200 ml freshly squeezed mandarin juice (approx. 4 mandarins)
40 g walnut halves (approx. 6 walnuts), coarsely minced
40 g dried apricots (approx. 7 pieces), coarsely minced
1-2 tbsp maple sirup or honey

1) Blend mandarin juice, walnuts and apricots in blender for about one minute or until the walnuts and the apricots are pureed.
3) Add buttermilk and maple sirup/honey. Blend shortly until combined.
4) Fill in glasses and enjoy.

Mandarinen Smoothie mit Walnuessen, Aprikosen und Buttermilch
inspiriert von diesem Rezept.

Zutaten (für 3 Portionen):
400 ml Buttermilch
200 ml frisch gepresster Mandarinensaft (ca. 4 Mandarinen)
40 g Walnusshälfen (ca. 6 Walnüsse), grob gehackt
40 g getrocknete Aprikosen (ca. 7 Stück), grob gehackt
1-2 EL Ahornsirup oder Honig

1) Mandarinensaft, Walnüsse und Aprikosen im Standmixer etwa eine Minute mixen, oder bis Walnüsse und Aprikosen püriert sind.
3) Buttermilch und Ahornsirup/Honig hinzufügen und nochmals kurz durchmixen.
4) In Gläser giessen und genießen.

  1. I found your blog through Tastespotting and I just wanted to say that I love your photos! I’m also planning on trying this recipe; it sounds so refreshing!