Advent Calendar Day 7 – Pistachio chocolate truffles

The first time ever. First time ever I made some kind of truffles. For an easy start, I decided on a very simple recipe. All you need is dark chocolate, cream and pistachios – apart from the waiting time it is a very quick recipe.

I brought these intense truffles over to a friends’ house the other night and they were gone in no time. They really make a nice last minute Christmas bring along – simply don’t make them too long in advance as they only keep a limited amount of time.

pistachio dark chocolate truffles
recipe by Clodagh McKenna

Ingredients (makes approx. 25 truffles):
200 g dark chocolate, chopped
100 ml cream
150 g raw pistachios, finely chopped

1) Melt chocolate together with cream in bain-marie, stirring occasionally. Add two thirds of finely chopped pistachios (approx. 100 g).
2) Let cool for a few hours or overnight in fridge.
3) Scoop small balls with a melon scoop or teaspoons. Roll truffles in the remaining chopped pistachios.
4) Store in air tight container and keep refrigerated – they will keep for 7-10 days.

pistachio dark chocolate truffles
Rezept von Clodagh McKenna

Zutaten (ergibt ca. 25 Trüffel):
200 g dunkle Schokolade, gehackt
100 ml Schlagobers
150 g rohe Pistazien (ungeröstet), fein gehackt

1) Die Schokolade zusammen mit dem Schlagobers unter gelegentlichem Rühren über dem Wasserbad schmelzen. Zwei Drittel der Pistazien (ca. 100 g) einrühren.
2) Die Masse für einige Stunden oder über Nacht im Kühlschrank abkühlen lassen.
3) Mit einem Melonenausstecher oder Teelöffeln kleine Kugeln formen. Die Kugeln in den restlichen gehackten Pistazien wälzen.
4) Gekühlt und luftdicht verpackt 7-10 Tage haltbar.

  1. What kind of cream…heavy cream?

  2. I didn’t realize truffles could be so easy! Thanks for the recipe!