Mallorca in 30 pictures

I imagine you might need a little break from food after this Christmas season (I hope you had a good one). Therefore I spare you with another recipe and will only give you something for your eyes instead – 30 pictures to be precise, some words (not much more, but I will not count), but no recipe. I promise.

Back in October I spent a week on the Balearic Island of Mallorca (Spain), hiking and exploring the beautiful island. We were based on the North coast between the towns of Valldemossa and Deia, which was a good basis for hikes in the Tramuntana mountains (you will need a car anyway) and the old mountain villages. On the plus side it is also away from the beach resorts :-). Please join me in this visual journey through 7 days of Mallorca:

The island of Isla Dragonera and the old watch tower Torre de Cala en Basset
Isla Dragonera Mallorca Spain

mallorca spain torre cala en basset isla dragonera

Hiking up to the ruins of Castell d’Alaro
mallorca spain alaro

mallorca castell d'alaro spain

mallorca alaro spain

The arabic gardens Jardines del Alfabia near Bunyola
mallorca spain jardines del alfabia

mallorca spain jardines del alfabia

Nearby Orient valley
mallorca spain orient valley

Olives and mallorquian food everywhere as well as local markets such as the Mercat de L’Olivar in Palma
mallorca spain, olives, restaurant sign

mallorca markets

mandarins mallorca spain

The cathedral La Seu (Catedral de Santa Maria) in Palma
catedral santa maria, palma, mallorca, spain

The little harbour village of Port de Valldemossa:
port de valldemossa mallorca spain

The village of Son Servera:
son servera mallorca spain

son servera mallorca spain

On Puig the Randa
Randa mallorca spain

mallorca spain, randa

Hiking in the center of Tramuntana: Refugi Tossals Verds
Mallorca spain refugi tossals verds

Acorn mallorca spain

The beautiful town of Valldemossa and hiking the old archeduke’s trail
valldemossa mallorca spain

mallorca spain valldemossa

mallorca spain valldemossa

mallorca spain valldemossa archeduke trail

The Eastern tip of Mallorca: Cap de Fermentor
Cap de Fermentor, mallorca, spain