Massaman curry with chicken

Chicken massaman curry

I did not like it spicy when I was younger. No spice at all. My mouth would start burning even from the smallest hint of spice. Simply because I was not used to it.

Although I loved Chinese food, I only loved it the way it is served in many Chinese restaurants in Europe, not spicy at all. The same with Thai food – I always opted for the non spicy dishes. I would keep clear of everything which contained the name curry. But there are so many delicious (Thai) curries. The first time, I only reluctantly tasted massaman curry (which generally is quite mild) – and fell in love with it.

peanuts, potatoes

Every restaurant seems to have their own recipe for massaman curry. By now I have not found two that tasted the same . This is my better half’s version of chicken massaman thai curry. Add more massaman paste (which you can buy in a Thai or Asian food shop) if you like it spicier or a bit less paste or more coconut milk if you want to have it milder. If you have trouble finding pealed unsalted peanuts (I only could find whole peanuts in the general supermarket), try the Asian shops. I found them already pealed but unroasted there.

Side note: By now I am “used” to much more spice (I actually like it, which I would not have thought as recently as 5 years ago) and you will also find some more spicy recipes on Strudel & Cream in the future :-)

chicken massaman curry and rice

Chicken Massaman Curry

Ingredients (serves 2):
350 g chicken breast
1 big white onion
300 g potatoes
50 g peanuts
juice of half a lime
1 tbsp fish sauce
500 ml coconut milk
2 heaped tbsp massaman paste
1 tbsp brown sugar
Salt, pepper
Some oil for the pan
Rice to accompany the curry

1) Wash and peel potatoes and cut into 2 cm big cubes. Peel onion and cut into pieces of 1-2 cm in size. Cube chicken breast.
2) In case the peanuts are unroasted, roast them in a hot pan (without oil) and set aside.
3) To dilute the massaman paste, dissolve one teaspoon of massaman paste in a little coconut milk. Sear diluted paste in hot oil in a pan.
4) Add meat and season with salt and pepper. Sear meat.
5) Stir in remaining coconut milk and massaman paste. Bring to a boil.
6) Add lime juice, fish sauce, brown sugar, onion and potatoes. Stir. Let simmer for approx. 40 minutes. Stir from time to time.
7) Shortly before serving add the peanuts and let boil briefly until hot.
8) Serve with rice & enjoy.

Comment: The chicken can also be compensated by beef, pork or duck.

Massaman Curry mit Huhn

Zutaten (für 2 Portionen):
350 g Hühnerbrust
1 grosse weisse Zwiebel
300 g Kartoffeln
50 g ungesalzene und geschälte Erdnüsse
Saft einer halben Limette
1 EL Fischsosse
500 ml Kokosnussmilch
2 gehäufte EL Massamanpaste
1 EL brauner Zucker
Salz, Pfeffer
Öl für Pfanne
Reis als Beilage

1) Kartoffeln waschen, schälen und in 2 cm grosse Würfel schneiden. Zwiebel schälen und 1-2 cm grosse Stücke schneiden. Hühnerbrust würfeln.
2) Falls die Erdnüsse ungeröstet sind, kurz in einer heissen Pfanne ohne Öl anrösten und beiseite stellen.
3) Ein Esslöffel Massamanpaste in etwas Kokosmilch auflösen um die Paste zu verdünnen. Verdünnte Paste in der heissen Pfanne in etwas Öl anbraten.
4) Fleisch dazu geben und mit Salz und Pfeffer würzen. Fleisch aussen scharf anbraten.
5) Restliche Kokosmilch und Massamanpaste einrühren. Kurz aufkochen lassen.
6) Limettensaft, Fischsosse, brauner Zucker, Zwiebel und Kartoffeln hinzugeben, gut umrühren und ca. 40 Minuten köcheln. Währenddessen immer wieder umrühren.
7) Kurz vor dem Servieren, die Erdnüsse hinzufügen und kurz mitköcheln lassen bis diese warm sind.
8) Mit Reis servieren & geniessen.

Anmerkung: die Hühnerbrust kann auch durch Rind-, Schweine- oder Entenfleisch ersetzt werden.

  1. Looks delicious! One thing to note though: with Massaman curries the best potatoes to use are of the waxy variety — so go for Red, Yellow, Pontiac, Norland, etc. and NOT starchy potatoes like the Idaho. Waxy potatoes hold better in stews and soups and won’t break down as easily as starchy potatoes (which are best for baking, mashed potatoes or frites). I learned my lesson the hard way when attempting to make Massaman curry years ago with the Idaho Russet; the potatoes completely broke down and turned my curry into mush. :-)

    • I totally agree with you and something I did not point out in the recipe: you need to use waxy and not floury potatoes for massaman curry. Thank you for pointing this out.