Hunting the color – shrimp skewers with avocado cream

Rigi mountain, Switzerland - Rigi Kulm trainstation

This weekend I needed a bit of color in my life. Over the last weeks, the city has been hiding itself behind different shades of grey and – in between – some batches of fresh white snow. After all these sunless days, I needed color. A new bunch of fresh flowers, colorful tulips to be exact, were not sufficient this time to brighten up my weekend.

Rigi mountain, Switzerland - Rigi Kulm chapel

Rigi mountain, Switzerland - Rigi Kulm view

Sun – that was the solution. To find the sun, that was hiding above the high fog, the cog railway up to the Rigi mountain in central Switzerland was the answer to my quest for color. The “Queen of Mountains”, as the Rigi is also called, was surrounded by a deep blue, sun-filled sky and a fluffy blanket of high fog hiding the valleys and lakes below.

Rigi mountain, Switzerland - winter sun and high fog

Rigi mountain, Switzerland - icicles on roofs

Walking down into the fog, an ice landscape was revealed – large icicles on the roofs and the trees and bushes covered in small ice particles. A little winter wonderland on the edge to the sun.

Rigi mountain, Switzerland - iced twigs with cone

Rigi mountain, Switzerland - train near Rigi Staffelhoehe

Speaking of color. Give me an avocado or shrimp and you will make my day – food wise at least. Of course, a combination of both is even better :-) . To round up this colorful weekend, what about these shrimp-skewers with avocado cream. Happy Sunday.

What food makes your Sunday a happy one?

Shrimp skewers with avocado cream

Shrimp skewers with avocado cream

Shrimp skewers with avocado cream

shrimp skewers with avocado cream
Avocado cream adapted from Huffington Post

Ingredients (serves 4 as a starter):
Shrimp skewers:
32 medium raw shrimp (in case you bought them frozen, thawed)
juice of half a lime
100 ml olive oil
2-3 gloves of garlic, pressed
black pepper, freshly ground
16 small skewers
1 zip lock bag
Avocado cream:
1 ripe avocado
juice of half a lime
100 ml sour cream
freshly ground pepper & salt

1) Peel and devein shrimp (if necessary). Combine lime juice, olive oil, pressed garlic and black pepper in a large zip lock bag. Add the shrimps and close zip lock. Make sure that all shrimp are covered in marinade. Let shrimp marinate for at least one hour.
2) For the avocado cream, blend avocado, lime juice, sour cream and salt and pepper in a blender until smooth. Keep cool (covered in cling film) until serving.
3) Remove shrimp from marinade and put them – in pairs of two or three – on small skewers (you can also do this before marinating or after roasting if you are serving them cold). Roast shrimps on both sides.
4) Serve shrimp skewers hot or cold with avocado cream.

shrimp spiesschen mit avocado creme
Avocado-Creme adaptiert von Huffington Post

Zutaten (4 Portionen als Vorspeise):
32 mittlere rohe Shrimps (falls sie gefroren sind, diese zuerst auftauen)
Saft einer halben Limette
100 ml Olivenoel
2-3 Knoblauchzehen, gepresst
schwarzer Pfeffer, frisch gemahlen
16 kleine Spiesschen
1 Ziplock Sack
Avocado cream:
1 reife Avocado
Saft einer halben Limette
100 ml Sauerrahm
frisch gemahlener Pfeffer & Salz

1) Die Shrimps schälen und entdarmen. Limettensaft, Olivenöl, gepressten Knoblauch und schwarzen Pfeffer in einem Ziplock Sack vermengen. Shrimps hinzufügen und den Ziplock-Sack gut verschliessen. Alle Shrimps sollten von Marinade bedeckt sein. Die Shrimps mindestens eine Stunde marinieren lassen.
2) In der Zwischenzeit die Avocado-Creme vorbereiten. Dafür Avocado, Limettensaft, Sauerrahm, Salz und Pfeffer mit einem Stabmixer zu einer gleichmässigen Creme vermengen. Bis zum Servieren kühl stellen (mit Frischhaltefolie abdecken).
3) Die Shrimps aus der Marinade nehmen und immer 2 oder 3 Stück auf einen kleinen Spiess stecken (das kann auch schon vor dem Marinieren erfolgen oder nach dem Braten – falls sie kalt serviert werden). Die Shrimps auf beiden Seiten braten.
4)  Die Shrimps-Spiesschen warm oder kalt mit Avocado-Creme servieren.

  1. Also diese Winterbilder sind ja schon mal großartig und dann noch mit diesem leckeren Rezept. Das müsste verboten werden… ;O))


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