The Swiss summer and a mixed berry smoothie

Mixed berry smoothie with buttermilk and greek yoghurt @

According to the Böögg the Swiss summer is going to be a cold and wet one.

The Böögg is to Zurich what Phil is to Punxutawney. Kind of at least. Zurich is not hunting shadows and the early start of spring but – literally – likes it a bit hotter, hoping for a good summer. With the burning of the Böögg, an artificial snowman with a head filled with explosives, the winter is banished. The less time it takes until its head explodes, the nicer the summer will be. This year the snowman withstood for an unbelievable 35 minutes until it finally exploded (the 3rd longest since record keeping). A fast burning will take around 5 minutes on the other hand. Go figure what this means for the Swiss summer (at least according to the legend).

Mixed berry smoothie with buttermilk and greek yoghurt @

With this forecast in mind I had to prepare my body and soul with some vitamins and color for the rather grey and wet outlook. Let’s hope that the Böögg is not right again this year, like so many times in the past … I would love to drink this icy smoothie on my balcony with a lot of summer sun. Until then, an extra sweater for the warmth will have to do.

Mixed berry smoothie with buttermilk and greek yoghurt @

Mixed berry smoothie

Ingredients (serves 3, at roughly 250 ml each):
400 g mixed berries, frozen
400 ml buttermilk
100 g greek yogurt
3 tbsp honey

1) Combine all ingredients (don’t thaw the berries) in a blender and blend until smooth.
2) Serve & enjoy.


Zutaten (3 Portionen, bei etwa 250 ml pro Portion):
400 g gemischte Beeren, gefroren
400 ml Buttermilch
100 g griechisches Joghurt
3 EL Honig

1) Alle Zutaten (die Beeren nicht auftauen) im Standmixer pürieren.
2) Servieren & geniessen.

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  1. Hope the prediction is wrong! All of northern europe is in serious need of a good summer :-) But with these smoothies I am sure I can also just pretend – they look amazing!