Oh Ticino

Easter felt like April had arrived early. Even though this year the Easter weekend fell onto the last few days of March, it sure felt like April: the weather changed its mind at least once a day and provided a mix of clouds, rain and beautiful sunshine. It made sure to have something in stock to everyone’s likes.

And again I am talking about the weather in a blog post. I promise, the next post will not mention any weather related words – or at least I will try to spare you ;-).

Regardless of the weather, Ticino was charming as always. Enjoy the collection of dark clouds, rain and dark blue skies ;-)

The long Easter weekend welcomed us with a cool and cloudy afternoon in beautiful Ascona (We even got gorgeous 5 minutes of “basking” in the sun at the esplanade in the late afternoon).

Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland @ Strudelandcream.com

Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland @ Strudelandcream.com

This was followed by a very wet day in Locarno, which did not stop us from visiting the town and the sanctuary Madonna del Sasso, beautifully located above the town.

Madonna del Sasso, Ticino, Switzerland @ strudelandcream.com

Locarno, Ticino, Switzerland @ strudelandcream.com

The weekend was rounded off by a gorgeous yet windy day in the impressive Verzasca valley with the clear greenish blue Verzasca river and the beautiful rustic towns such as Sonogno and Brione.

Verzasca river in Valle Verzasca, Ticino, Switzerland @ strudelandcream.com

Rustic houses in Valle Verzasca, Ticino, Switzerland @ strudelandcream.com

Have a great rest of the weekend and a sunny weekend.