London markets: Borough and Leadenhall Market

“London bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down, my fair Lady”

Singing along this old English nursery rhyme in my first English lessons in kindergarten, the London Bridge has kept in my mind all the years. Much more than the Tower bridge, which is – nowadays at least – the much more impressive neighbor just to the west along the Thames river. But the London Bridge has been there since the Roman times. Build and rebuild various times it was the only bridge over the Thames river in the city centre for centuries until the end of the 18th century. So it does not surprise me that two of the oldest London markets are situated close by.

Leadenhall Market is a covered market in the City of London from the 14th century. Located on Gracechurch Street, about 500 m north of London Bridge, the current impressive structure dates back to the late 19th century. It features nice individual shop fronts such as a cheese monger or a chocolate shop and a lot of food places, buzzing with local office employees during lunch time. It is open Monday to Friday. Even if you do not want to stop for a drink or bite of food, this market is also worth a visit for it’s structure alone.

Leadenhall Market, London |

South of London Bridge, situated between Borough High Street and Southwark Street in the South Bank, the Borough Market is one of the largest markets in London and apparently even older (mentioned as far back as AD 1014) as Leadenhall Market. It has a variety of fresh produce such as fruit and vegetables, meats, fish, cheeses as well as pastries, bread and different snacks on offer. Currently open every day except Sunday with varying daily opening hours.

Borough Market, London |

Borough Market, London |

Just outside Borough Market, a number of eateries as well as specialty shops such as the cheesemonger Neil’s Yard Dairy and the confectionery and bakery shop Konditor & Cook are worth a visit.

Konditor & Cook close to Borough Market, London |

Neil's Yard Dairy close to Borough Market, London |

“Build it up with stone so strong, stone so strong, stone so strong. Build it up with stone so strong, my fair Lady.
Stone so strong will last so long, last so long, last so long. Stone so strong will last so long, my fair Lady.”