Food spaces in Iceland

I went to the movies the other day to watch “The secret life of Walter Mitty”, a movie mostly set and entirely filmed in Iceland. I was not sure if I should watch it, but the fact that the movie was set in Iceland made my decision easy. Normally this would not be worth a mention here on S&C, but:

Iceland stands for spectacular landscapes, waterfalls around almost every corner, sheep, huge glaciers, horses, volcanoes, ever-changing weather, almost unlimited daylight in summer, seabirds – and Icelandic food. To me it is one of my favourite countries to travel to and – if I had the chance – I would board a plane any time to visit again. The last time I visited Iceland was shortly before “The secret life of Walter Mitty” was filmed there.

Iceland: Icebergs, dolphins, lake |

The movie is mostly set around the town of Stykkisholmur on the Snaefellsnes peninsula in the western part of Iceland. But the movie was filmed all over the country. In the past I personally have hardly ever noticed if things geographically do not fit together in a movie, but this time I sat in the cinema recognizing a lot of places I visited during my Iceland travels – “Wait a minute, the harbour of Nuuk, Greenland in the movie – that’s the harbour of Stykkisholmur north of Reykjavik in Iceland” and “That curvy road Ben Stiller (aka Walter Mitty) is skateboarding down is in the Eastfjords (road to Seydisfjordur) and not along the west coast.” And so on and so on. Even one of my favourite coffee places in Iceland had an appearance in the movie (at least from the outside) – Hotel Aldan in Seydisfjordur. If you want to know where in Iceland the movie was actually filmed the Guardian has a nice summary.

Waterfall, hores, puffin in Iceland |

Let me take you on a journey of some of my most favourite food places in Iceland.

The mountain road 93 from the ring road down to Seydisfjordur in the Eastfjords is spectacular, passing a – in June still half frozen – lake at the highest point before winding down to the small fishing village with old Norwegian style houses. The Hotel Aldan is situated in the centre of Seydisfjordur (Nordurgata 2, 710 Seydisfjordur, Iceland), serving a variety of nice cakes in the afternoon (and dinner in the evening, which I did not try).

Cafe at Hotel Aldan in Seydisfjordur, iceland |


The Vogafjos Cow Shed Cafe (Vogafjosi 660 Myvatn, Vogar, Iceland) in the Myvatn region serves a variety of traditional Icelandic food such as arctic charr or smoked raw lamb. We returned there a few times for dinner while we were in the region enjoying the food, the views of lake Myvaatn and sheep grazing on the meadows outside. Through a large glass window you can watch the cows in the adjacent stable and in a corner of the Cafe you can get local produce in a little “corner store”.

Cowshed Cafe, Vogafjos, Iceland |


If you are tired of walking around in Iceland’s most important city in the North, Akureyri, take a break in the Bláa Kannan Café (Hafnarstræti 96, Akureryri, Iceland). The blue wooden house that houses the cafe is situated at the main street – complete with corner towers and chandeliers inside. It serves good coffee and has a huge variety of cakes on offer as well as other snacks. In good weather you can enjoy the sun on their terrace.

Blaa Kannan Cafe, Akureyri, Iceland |

What are your favorite food spaces?