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Patagonia, the southern most area of South America, stretches over the southern part of Argentina and Chile from Puerto Madryn in Argentina to Tierra del Fuego ending just south of the island of Chiloe in Chile.

The landscape is so breathtaking that I am still gasping about the sheer size of the glaciers around Lago Argentino in the Andes and the stunning Torres del Paine National Park two years after I visited. The animals are abundant. Being in a place with roughly one million penguins is unbelievable as well as being face to face with sea elephant pups. Not to mention sea lions, condors and the lama relative Guanacos… and quirky Ushuaia, the southern most city in the world: oh your Tierra del Fuego National Park is small but beautiful. But enough with this little love letter to Patagonia…

Patagonia - Torres Del Paine National Park |

The cool weather even in summer (and sometimes lots of wind) as well as the sightseeing makes hungry. So here are my three favourite food spaces in Patagonia and a honorary mention.

Let’s start with La Cabana – Casa de Te in Ushuaia. This tea house – a heaven of kitsch – is beautifully nestled above Ushuaia (Luis F. Martial 3560, Ushuaia 9410, Argentina), on the foot of a little chair lift (currently – in summer of 2014/15 – out of service) up to Glaciar Martial and makes a good tea stop to warm up after a walk. Even though their service was not the fastest, their pastel color decoration, decadent cream cakes and variety of tea make it a great place to visit.

La Cabana - Casa del Te, Ushuaia, Argentina |

The small red restaurant Mesita Grande in Puerto Natales (Arturo Prat 196, Puerto Natales, Chile) serves the best pizza we found in Patagonia (and we tried a few places when we wanted an alternative to steak, lamb and chicken or to say meat in general). Guests are placed along a long table (hence the name) in this cosy place watching the pizzaiolo prepare their pizza in a wood-fired oven.

Mesita Grande Restaurant, Puerto Natales, Chile |

We got one of the friendliest service in all of Patagonia (and good food on top!) in this small, intimate restaurant serving fish in the midst of the Andes. El Meson de la Patagonia is situated in a quiet side road in San Martin de Los Andes (Rivadavia 885, 8370 San Martín de Los Andes, Neuquén, Argentina), in the Argentinian lake district. One of their staples is the variety of delicious regional trout dishes.

El Meson Restaurant, San Martin de los Andes, Argentina |

Geographically, the island of Chiloe in Chile does not belong to Patagonia, but nevertheless this place in Castro, Chiloe deserves a honorary mention:
The Mercadito (Av. Pedro Montt 210, Castro, Chiloe, Chile) had a small but very good menu when we visited, including nice deserts and a friendly service. Their nice little terrace overlooking the bay is a plus.

Mercadito Restaurant, Castro, Chiloe, Chile |

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