Tofu Miso Soup

Tofu miso soup |

Miso soup is quick. It’s easy. And it is tasty. Full stop.

Years ago, when a former work colleague told me over lunch that Miso soup takes literally no time and it was her dinner of choice when she did not feel like cooking, I could not believe her. She had lived in Japan, so she definitely knew what she was talking about. Until then I had never considered making miso soup myself. I was simply assuming that this would be a lengthy process. So much about false assumptions … But the colleague was so right about it. Once you have the three non standard ingredients (non standard for the Western world at least) dashi, miso and wakame at home you are almost set and can whip this soup up in 10 minutes either as a starter, side dish or as traditional Japanese breakfast with white rice.

Tofu miso soup |

Don’t get discouraged as this soup calls for miso, instant dashi and wakame. Dashi is japanese soup stock, miso is Japanese seasoning based on fermented soybeans and wakame is dried seaweed. You can buy all the ingredients in Japanese food stores, Asia stores or well stocked super markets. They keep all fairly long so you will be set for quite a number of miso soups.

Instead of using instant dashi (as in this recipe) you can also make dashi from scratch. This video shows how to make homemade dashi broth using dried kelp, dried anchovies and dried bonito (tuna) flakes. For a vegetarian stock look for kelp and/or shitake based dashi (that leaves out the dried fish).

Here comes the recipe for miso soup. Quick and easy. Try yourself.


Ingredients (serves two, makes about 500 ml soup):
50 g tofu
2 spring onions
1 tsp instant dashi* (Japanese soup stock)
500 ml water
1/2 tbsp wakame* (edible seaweed)
1 tbsp miso* (Japanese seasoning based on fermented soybeans)
Soy sauce (optionally)

* available in japanese food stores, Asia stores or well stocked super markets

1) Cut tofu in small cubes. Cut spring onions in thin slices.
2) Dissolve dashi in half a liter of water. Add wakame and heat the broth. When broth reaches boiling point add tofu and spring onions and let boil for 2 minutes.
3) Use a ladle to remove a bit of the broth and dissolve the miso inside. Remove the soup pot from the stove and stir in the miso broth (the miso may not boil). Optionally season with a dash of soy sauce.
4) Serve immediately.